How to Change a Page to Landscape on Microsoft Word & Document on PC or Mac setup with the install

How to make a single page landscape in Word document?

If you are a user of 2019 or 2016, then chances are that you might find difficulty in making a single page landscape there. But, no worries as we are here providing all the required steps to do so.

  • Drag your cursor at the very commencement of your page and select the page that you are interested to transform into A landscape.
  • Click on “layout” option or “page layout.” Then, you shall see an option of “breaks” on your screen. Tap on this option and further, click on “next page” to construct a section for moving to the next step.
  • Then, you are required to click on the “page layout” tab and opt for “orientation from all the options available to you. Now, the option of “landscape’ shall appear before you. This step will help you to mark all the pages after the gap you made in the previous step.
  • Now, point your cursor onset of the subsequent page or the subsequent page that you wish to hang around in portraiture.
  • The, you are required to click on “Page Layout” and from the options available, select “breaks.” From all the choices available now, click on “next page.” This step is similar to one of the last few steps you followed.
  • The last step to be performed is to click on the “page layout” option and select “orientation” from all the available options. Now, click on “portrait.” This Office Com Setup will help you in maintaining portraiture for the remaining document.

Note: Look at your first page, if you are able to find a header don’t want to turn to a landscape page, then go to the header, right click on it and then, on the landscape page. From plenty of options available now, tap on “edit header.” Now, click on the “Link to previous” option so that it does not remain highlighted any longer. You ought to remove the heading by deleting it and then, it shall only be visible on page 1.

All these steps are enough to transition to a landscape page on Word. All you got to do is to follow them in sequential order. If the problem persists, you must contact office support as are trained and specialized to perform such jobs and in helping their customers with all the help they require.

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