How to fix “There is a problem connecting securely to this website” error?

Sometimes, users face error texts that say “There is a problem connecting securely to this website.” This is actually caused by an invalid certificate matter that can prevail in any kind of browser and sometimes this error text might come in some other language. However, it will mean the same. This particular message can be very annoying as it will disrupt you from using a few websites. The primary cause of such a problem can be your antivirus or your clock. Here, Office com setup we provide some of the possible solutions that might help you solve this issue.

  • Sometimes, the security settings along with your antivirus are the reason for such an error message. Now, this can only be fixed by making a few changes here and there in your antivirus settings. You might be even required to disable certain settings and if this also doesn’t help, then you have to turn off your antivirus completely. So, if you are a Kaspersky or a Norton user, you know what you are required to do. Once you have disabled this antivirus, restart your system and try availing that website to check if the step worked.

If the problem gets solved, you might have to consider changing your antivirus as it is the root of the whole issue.

  • This problem can also prevail due to certification issues and it is no surprise, that the certification process is largely linked with your date and time. So, if you have put up a wrong date and time, then you have to face this issue. To get this problem fixed, right-click on the clock icon. From the menu, select “adjust date/time” and turn off the option of automatically adjust time. After a few hours, you can again turn on this option as the date and time will be synchronized automatically now.

These were some of the possible solutions that might help you encounter this problem. But, if none of these steps work in your favor, then contact office support number and try to explain your problem to the expert team via the description box. You will get a response soon and also the reason for this error. All the experts are trained to deal with such issues and usually refrain from technical jargons Hence, their solutions will be easily understood by any individual.

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